Year of the Sunrise

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5x7 Collector Set

Collect all 365!

These prints are printed on heavy 34pt card stock. On the back they have data highlight of when the sunrise was, where the photo was taken, and even a place to add your own notes (perhaps you’d like to gift it to someone else and leave a love note).

You are able to purchase any 5x7 sunrise and choose an option of receiving 5, 10, or 20 additional sunrise photos.

These momentos are also available for puchase through a full monthly set.


A single First Edition print will be created for each of the 365 sunrises. Each print measures 24” wide and 18” high (a common frame size). The photo measures 20” wide by 13.3” high. They are printed with archival inks on a flat white paper stock.

Each print is signed, includes the location where the photo was taken, and numberd Day _ of 365. In the center of each print includes a calendar, where I circle the month and date it was taken, I also place a small x on a time scale to show what time the sun rose on that given day.

To signify that you are receiving a First Edition print, each print is embossed with a First Edition stamp. This is a subtle detail that will remain along the calendar.

There is an option to ship with a standard black wooden frame.


This is where it gets fun.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 181
Day 182
Day 183
Day 363
Day 364
Day 365

Why I’m pricing prints this way

1. I like unique pricing models. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

2. This project requires a lot of grit and determiniation. I believe the value increases with each consecutive sunrise photographed.

3. This model gives some amount of randomization to the value of a given sunrise. Meaning a dark, gloomy and wet sunrise could be as valuable or more valuable than a sunny pink, orange and purple sunrise. In fact, those are the days that require more effort, such as standing on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain with a -30ΒΊ windchill.

4. When I did the Hometown Invasion Tour anyone could sponsor a state, starting with $1 for Rhode Island to $1,000 for Alaska. I loved how it allowed people with not a lot of means to offer support and be involved. Same here, you don’t need deep pockets to show support and purchase a print. But you know, if you’ve got deep pockets, maybe don’t buy the prints from January.

5. The goal is for this to be my primary income for the rest of 2019 and first part of 2020. This will pay for my health insurance, this will put food in my fridge, and ideally allow for buying a pair of rain pants come the gales of November.

Some Type of Thank You

No different than a Kickstarter campaign, I’ll be working on some type of reward for for all project backers. More to come on that later.


Prints will be carefully rolled in kraft paper and placed in a strong cardboard tube for shipping. Framed prints will be shipped secure in boxes with plenty of padding.

… Stay tuned, more purchasing options on the way