November 28, 2019

U.S. Coast Guard Station at 8:08am

Sunrise U.S. Coast Guard Station, Marquette, MI

Sunrise 332 of 365

  • Sunrise time: 8:08
  • Azimuth: 121°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: Nope


Observed from nearest station 0.03 miles away

  • Temperature: 31 ºF
  • Felt like: 21 ºF
  • Conditions: Overcast
  • Wind: 13 mph
  • Visibility: 9.7 mi
  • Humidity: 90%


  • 17mm
  • f/7.1
  • 1/60 sec
  • 800


U.S. Coast Guard Station, Marquette, MI

46° 32' 42" N, -87° 22' 43" W

Musings | 455 words

As written to Beatrice this morning in hopes to continue our chain of Top 5 emails.

Top 5 things I'm thankful for in 2019

The sunrise
It really has changed my world and as far as I know has had an immeasurable positive impact. I wish there was a way to give some quantitative measure, but there is not a lot to go on. There are big challenges, but my head has never felt so clear. I've felt quite healthy all year. And there has certainly been a whirlwind of amazing things that happened.

The press?
Thanking the press feels odd. Isn't that something that politicians and athletes do? More than any other year, it seems the press has propelled me into new opportunities. The growth and reach of several projects and campaigns continued to impress me. The fact that they continue to reach out to me help put food on my plate.


A car and a camera
With each passing year it seems I care just a little less about material items. Now I make significantly more decisions based on function over fashion. For so much of this year I was paranoid that my car would break down or that my camera would quit on me. I'm so thankful to have such a beautiful car and camera that have been reliable and a means to allow me to do some of my favorite things.

There has been much sweetness this year. Chocolates to take on the road. Surprise ice cream trips. Lots of blueberry snacks. And many, many donuts. But those are just the literal sweets. There have been even more of another kind. A post-it note on the door. A charming invoice. A playful Twitter account to interact with. A kind listening ear. Like that first bite of ice cream, these little moments hit my heart and soul in the same way. There has been an abundance of sweetness that has just been incredibly joyful. 


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