January 2, 2019

Presque Isle at 8:34 a.m.

Sunrise Presque Isle, Marquette, MI

Sunrise 2 of 365

  • Sunrise time: 8:34
  • Azimuth: 123°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: No


  • 17mm
  • f/4.0
  • 1/160 sec
  • 1600


Presque Isle, Marquette, MI

46° 34' 47" N, -87° 22' 52" W

Musings | 133 words

Day one, mistake one. Let the lens get fogged up almost immediately.

For the next six months the sun will rise roughly forty seconds earlier each day. A few questions come to mind. Can I become a morning person by training myself to wake up, thirty minutes before sunrise and forty seconds earlier each day for the next six months? Can I reduce my anxiety and stress by doing so? Can I decrease my distractions and become a little more grounded in that time?

Never have I intentionally sought the sunrise and felt like my day didn’t begin with an accomplishment.

Finally, I wonder, just how transformational can it be to intentionally watching one sunrise a year, to watching 365? It’s not impossible, and it feels as though it could change everything.

Fuel the Sunrises

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