Hi, I'm Bugsy, a doer of things.

Between growing up in a small small in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, loving the subculture of skateboarding and snowboarding, and studying sociology, I have found a passion for niche communities.

As the Official Unofficial Ambassador of the Upper Peninsula (still waiting on the Governor’s official appointment), most of my projects relate to the region. To me, it’s a playground to launch ideas with little red tape and a community reception to people who want to try new things.

Since creating a Geocities website in 1996 when our family first got the internet, I had a fascinationg for the web. Since then I’ve looked for ways to use the web to launch a variety of projects and have made a career of it.

Occasionally, I consult with organizations on how to manage and increase their digital presence. Through years of experience with my own projects and various creative agencies I have carved a unique skillset that spans server maintenance, PHP development, custom WordPress theming, social media management, community engagement, A/B testing, creation of marketing campaigns, and the list goes on.

We can talk about ideas all day. But I’m especially eager to meet people actively working on putting ideas into the world.

Every once in a great while I send out a newsletter with life updates, project updates, and various shenanigans.