Hi, I'm Bugsy, a doer of things.


🌅 Planning sunrise No. 2,000

🐞 Working on BugsyLand™

👕 Running the helm at U.P. Supply Co.

📽 Planning the 8th annual Fresh Coast Film Festival

🗓 Planning the future of Plaidurday and 906 Day

🪠 Seeking help to manage and support all of these creative pursuits

While growing up the small town of Baraga in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, I found a passion for niche communities. This interest grew as I became immersed in the subculture of skateboarding and snowboarding. All of which lead to studying sociology at Michigan State University.

As the Official Unofficial Ambassador of the Upper Peninsula (still waiting on the Governor’s official appointment), many of my projects are inspired by the region. This place, someplace special, offers a unique playground to launch ideas whee the community is receptive and eager to participate.

Our family first got dial-up internet access in 1996, where I immediately created my first website on Geocities. My fascination with the web blossomed quick. Ever since I have used the web to launch a variety of projects and created a career for myself as a web developer and marketer.

With a background in building websites, a degree in advertising, and the rise of social media, I have carved out a niche in the center of this venn diagram.

We can talk about ideas all day, that’s the easy, but I am particularly eager to meet people actively working toward putting their ideas into the world.

Say hi anytime.

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