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Teamwork rules!

May 29th, 2009

Have a friend in need? Perhaps a baby squirrel? Teamwork is amazing. Teamwork solves all sorts of puzzles from small to large. This is one of my favorite videos. Determination and creativity can solve anything.

Four red dots

May 26th, 2009

Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI

Imagine four little red dots on a map. One pair of the red dots work together as of a week ago. The other pair of red dots have been working together for a few years. The older red dots with more gray hair have both been incredibly influential and instrumental in the success and drive of each of the younger red dots.

These four dots have never all been together before. A month ago these four little red dots tried to all come together, but one of the red dots (I won’t say who) decided to go on a date instead (a date that was not worthwhile).

The two younger red dots were unsure if they wanted to attend a networking event this one particular night, but they decided it was for the best. After the two red dots enjoyed a couple beverages they agreed it was time to go.

One red dot spotted one of the gray-haired red dots. That old dot was shaking hands with the other old dot. A quick u-turn was taken (it’s beyond me that at this incredibly busy intersection there was actually no car coming the other way). These four dots, bonded by creativity, all came together and crossed the exact same point on earth within a matter of seconds.

Coincidences happen all of the time. Especially small world run-ins with say two people. But with four? I have never ran into the gray haired dots in public. Tonight I ran into both of them, two of the most influential people in my life. It was a situation where at least this young red dot acknowledged that something like this has never happened to him before. Both young red dots will be going to bed ecstatic and excited. There was a grand amount of amusement.

Bonding Five Seconds at a Time

It is my strong belief that some of the greatest bonds between people in life are built five seconds at a time. When people have a mutual respect and look forward to seeing this other person, that’s all the time it takes.

Having a mere 5-second random walk by with is enough to elicit smiles, enjoyment, and a feeling of joy because you ran into someone you truly admire and respect.

From my opinion, I say that these little 5-second moments build and build and build on each other. This entire encounter that the other young red dot and I had lasted only a couple of minutes (there was a high-speed pursuit that followed). But the enjoyment of those two minutes grew more on to the relationship between the four of us. And it all started with a 5-second decision between the time we say the first gray-haired dot to the decision of making a u-turn.

From the standpoint of networking, business development, and relationships of all sorts there is a priceless value to it. I’m happy with the social life I’ve found in the last week. If I wasn’t out and about, if I wasn’t pro-active, of if I was a hermit none of this would have happened.

I’ll never forget it. These are four very specific red dots and a few seconds is all that was needed for them to finally all be in the same spot.

P.S. Is it a requirement that Yoopers must always know where to find a barrel of hay?

My first week at work

May 25th, 2009

2pm Office Nap
Photo by The Pretenda on Flickr

I successfully finished my first week of work. A few of my co-workers asked if I would be returning to work now that I put in a full week with them. And yes, I’ll be getting up at 7am and headed right back to it.

I think the last time I worked a 40-hour week for someone else doing the 8-5 thing was the summer of 2004, that’s five years ago! But the transition has been great so far. Monday was a big adjustment, I was overdressed (yes, even I dress up once in a while), didn’t know where anything was, and was concentrating on just being able to remember everyone’s name.

Remembering Names
As a side note… this is one of the skills I’m most thankful for obtaining on my trip. Before my trip I had a much more difficult time remembering a person’s name when I first met them. That is one small thing that my trip solved. I had to meet so many people that I just found a way to better remember everyone’s name from the start. It’s very helpful.

Anyways… what a great first week of work. My desk had a basket full of various Post-It Note products and I’m very happy to have a sticky note for every purpose. I had my first meeting. I had my first day of travel where I went to Detroit to learn about the digital transformation the Detroit newspapers are making. I had my first co-worker birthday party, we went to P.F. Changs for lunch (I went with the chicken lo mein). And today I had my first BBQ with co-workers including the owner.

A good week.

Learning My Boundaries

The biggest challenge for me at the moment is not the work itself. I understand the work, am confident with my abilities, know what needs to be done, etc. But what’s new to me is the work environment. It’s been nearly three years since I’ve had an employer that wasn’t myself.

I’m a little cautious and uptight perhaps. Being careful not to overstep any boundaries, step on anyone toes, etc. And I’m busy stressing about what’s appropriate to wear to work, because anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a very casual guy, though not without a keen eye for fashion.

And in reference to the photo, yes, I am happy to say I have been having a little fun as well.

Word of mouth

May 4th, 2009

On Facebook this evening I was checking out my sister in-law’s Facebook page and saw that she’s excited to get a new laptop that my brother suggested to her. Very cool.

Here is a thread of comments that people posted.



During my advertising classes in college we often talked about word of mouth. My professors always talked of its importance and that it’s the best advertising a company can have (when it’s positive word of mouth anyways).

The old way to do it was to actually pay some mom to talk about Tide laundry detergent while talking to other mom’s at her son’s little league game. That always seemed a little dishonest to me, and it’s probably still done with some products in some places. But the internet has changed everything.

When my professor’s talked about word of mouth Twitter didn’t even exist yet and Facebook was only limited to a select number of colleges. Only a few years after that and it’s an entirely new ballgame.

Apple Computers couldn’t be doing any better. What an incredible testament that thread of comments is to their brand loyalty and the excitement their users generate over their products.

There are some companies that pay money to people to leave comments like this. Well, the good companies don’t have to. The good ones don’t even have to advertise. Some products are just that good.

Social media has completely changed the game for word of mouth advertising. It’s amazing to see a thread like this (and of course I’m a die hard Apple user myself) where customers do all the advertising for the company.

What’s up with the “bacon” URL?

May 4th, 2009

Good question, I’m glad you asked.

Strip of Bacon

  1. Bacon is meat candy. Tasty, scrumptious, and terrible for your health. What’s not to love about it?

  2. Doesn’t it hurt your SEO? (That stands for Search Engine Optimization for those of you who are new to the acronym.) And well yes, it just might. But now I might be getting lots of bacon fans to my site, and that’s okay too, those are people I can relate with.

  3. Most of all, this is my playground. That’s the epitome of Bugsy Rocker. it’s a site where I get to play and do things the way I do things. Which doesn’t always make sense, not even to me.

  4. I was tired of the same old thing, every URL has domain.com/blog/ these days. I figured if I was going to change it up I mine as well spice it up.

And just so you know… I prefer my bacon nice and crispy, well done, dark (the photo of bacon here is the best I could find on a white backdrop, but it is clearly not cooked enough), and it should break like a chip.

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