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September 27th, 2009

I moved to Lansing May 16, just over four months ago. There are plenty of things I have been missing about living in Marquette, but I knew there were all sorts of things to look forward to while moving to Lansing.  And though I have yet to find the best chicken nachos in Lansing, I feel that I’ve done pretty well in the last four months.

Ignite Lansing

Ignite Lansing
Photo courtesy of CaptAngryPants on Flickr

Friday night I had the opportunity speak at Ignite Lansing at the Temple Building in Old Town.  It was the best night of my life in two years, hands down.  The night that was so great two years ago was the night of September 8, in Chicago, which was my last night outside of Michigan before finishing up my Hometown Invasion Tour.

Think about this, 450 people packed into an old run down club, but the club is now full of production lights, a stage, and the most innovative, creative, and progressive people in Lansing.  They all gathered on Friday night to hear ideas, share ideas, give encouragement, and take place in what I thought was the greatest event I’ve ever participated in.

Speaking at Ignite Lansing
Photo courtesy of Andrea Kerbuski

My topic was titled, “How to kick ass and chew bubblegum”.  The line was made popular in a 1988 alien thrille movie titled They Live, and then further popularized in the video game Duke Nukem 3d.  Basically, all I mean by this is life is about doing.

If you want to do a squirrel blog, go take photos and post them online starting tomorrow.  If you want to drink a Guinness in seven continents in seven days, find out who their marketing director is today and I’m sure there is a beer-loving scientist stationed in Antarctica.

Just do it.  Make it happen.

That’s no different to how I submitted a topic for Ignite.  It was on a whim, I knew nothing about the event.  Turns out that it all came together and worked out pretty well.

To have 450 people gathered in a room in that context is what’s going to move this city forward.  Every town in the country should be having events like this.

For some guy who’s new to town it was a pretty good way to accomplish some things I have long strived for.  Now, hopefully my talk was good enough that they’ll let me speak again, because I just came up with my next one.  But I can’t spill the beans yet, so you’ll have to be patient.

Lansing Temple Club
Photo courtesy of slaytercreative on Flickr

Lansing Temple Club
Photo courtesy of slaytercreative on Flickr

Lansing Breakfast Club

It all started on a whim.  A couple of e-mails were shared with Julie, and then Lansing Breakfast Club (the unofficial and unenforced rules, the twitter feed) was started.  We had six people the first time and ten weeks later we had 43 people at 7 a.m. on a Wednesday morning.  I don’t know what other people think, but that blows my mind.

For some reason I never found the social life I had long desired before moving to Lansing.  Since my trip finished it was hard to get established, but it all came together back here in Lansing.

Now nearly 100 different people have showed up, over 200 breakfasts have been served, and low and behold we even got some news coverage from the State News as well

It just goes along to back up my point that life is about doing. Start a club, start a project, call some friends, and amazing things will happen.

And having my second cousin call me from Oregon to say that he heard me on NPR this morning isn’t so bad either. It was for a piece on the Upper Peninsula that was recorded a few weeks ago. All in all, this was a good weekend.

100+ Lansing Twitter accounts to consider following

August 13th, 2009
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I’ve been living in Lansing for three months now. It’s been fantastic. Every day I’m blown away by the people I work with, the people I’ve met, the clients I’ve worked with, and the list goes on. From the Lansing Breakfast Club to the tweetups, it’s been a fantastic experience. Twitter has played a big role with many of the people I’ve met.

Here are my top accounts to follow in the Lansing area. If you have additional ones or don’t see your name, just leave a comment and let me know. And if you don’t know who the heck I am, come say hello, you can always find me on twitter @bugsyrocker.

P.S. Just holla’ at me if you want to be on the list. There’s no formal rules or anything bogus like that. :)

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Hometown Invasion Tour stats

July 31st, 2009

50 state tourThese were compiled oh so long ago and never really got posted anywhere. So here you go, a list of statistics from my Hometown Invasion Tour. What a year it was. If you think of any other stats you’d like to know, just ask.

Oh… and if you don’t know what this is all about… From Sep 8, 2006 to Sep 17, 2007 my friend Rice (the first squirrel to go to all 50 states) and I traveled 29,403 miles as we made our way to all 50 states in the nation staying in over 100 U.S. households.

Traveling Stats

29,403 miles of driving*
$3,294.54 of gas
1251 gallons of gas
599 miles longest drive
141 gas stations
~30 days driving time
23.5 miles per gallon
$2.634 average cost per gallon
$3.39 most expensive gas
$2.07 cheapest gas
3 round trip plane rides
1 car ferry

Host Stats

320 hosts
294 strangers
113 households
104 towns
130 beds
3 dorms
3 trailers
1 pool house
1 record store
21 couches
11 air mattresses
9 sleeper sofas
4 campers
1 water bed

Content Stats

11,334 photos
2364 photos posted
410+ blog entries
235 nominated hosts
137 town profiles

Press Stats

30+ newspaper articles
12 radio stations
9 television stations
3 magazine features
1 national TV talk show

*There were probably another few thousand miles or more of additional driving where I was the passenger

The Rules of Breakfast Club

July 27th, 2009
  1. The first rule of Breakfast Club is, you talk about Breakfast Club.

  2. The second rule of Breakfast Club is, you TALK about Breakfast Club.

  3. If someone burps, gags or throws up, eating is over.

  4. Two people to a plate.

  5. One meal at a time.

  6. No ties, no frowns.

  7. Breakfast will go on as long as it has to.

  8. If this is your first morning at Breakfast Club, you have to eat!

Join us every Wednesday morning in #lovelansing by following the Twitter tag #lansingbreakfast or by following me or Julie.

Bugsy’s bars

July 20th, 2009

Are you looking to eat at one of my many restaurants around the world? Alright, they’re not mine, but one day I may very well add to the list, but a couple of these will be hard to beat. As you may know I’ve been known as Bugsy my entire life and apparently there are several bars, grills, pizzerias, and apparently even a sex club named after Bugsy. So here we go, if you know if any more please comment below.

Bugsy’s Sports Bar-Grill & Brewery in Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Bugsy’s in Warren, Michigan

Bugsy’s Pizza Restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Bugsy's Bar & Restaurant
Photo by Kevin H. on Flickr

Bugsy’s Sports Grill in Indianapolis, Indiana

Bugsy's Sports Grill
Photo by Will on Flickr

Bugsy’s Bar and Grill, Parksville, British Columbia

bugsy parksville, BC

Bugsy in Seoul, South Korea
Well, this is completely unlike any of the other venues. Supposely this is a sex club. No joke. It’s hard to find any more info on the place since it’s in Korea, but my friend Jen in Korea was told about it and took the photo.

Bugsy in Seoul, South Korea
Photo by my friend Jen

And my favorite…

Bugsy’s Bar in Prague, Czech Republic
Perhaps the greatest bar I have ever been to. Live piano music. Cocktail bar. They have the “blue bible” which has hundreds of cocktail drinks such as Bugsy’s Rose (quite tasty). Of course it’s a 1920s American gangster theme. It is considered one of the best cocktail bars in all of Europe. I was fortunate to go there in 2005 while studying abroad.

Bugsy's Cocktail Bar
Photo by Eric E. Hayward on Flickr

Bugsy's Bar
Photo by Jr on Flickr

Bugsy's door
Photo by Jacon Johan on Flickr