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I have a love affair with Detroit

February 7th, 2011

This affair I have with Detroit, it’s almost like some of the girls I have fallen in love with at first sight; girls that were edgier than me, girls that made me nervous or intimidated, especially after having just a kiss with them, wondering what it’d be like to have more. You’ve never met anyone else like this girl, girls like this.

I’m always left wondering what it’d be like to have more of Detroit. I want it.

Growing up in the Upper Peninsula, Detroit was a long ways away. From Baraga to Campus Martius Park is 531 miles. The Upper Peninsula is disconnected from Detroit in a lot of ways, culture, industry, weather, accents, diversity, you name it. I knew little about the city other than their sports teams. When I attended Michigan State I never found my way to Metro Detroit more than a handful of times. My experience of downtown Detroit was one Red Wings game and going to the Auto Show twice.

And then after school I went on a 50-state tour across the country and saw most of the 20 most populous cities in the country, yet I still hadn’t spent much time in Detroit.

Eventually I met this guy named Charlie who would become a good friend. Because of him I had my first kiss with Detroit. It was a tease, I wanted more. This place was different, different than places I had seen before. Different than all of those cities I visited.

As I moved to Lansing I was further teased with the aroma of Detroit. I met more and more people from Detroit and somehow became connected in this city I knew so little of.  I started seeing their passion, their tenacity, and all the things they believed in.  Their attitudes were similar to mine.  They saw potential.

Ever since having that first kiss of Detroit I’ve wanted more.  The more I learn about Detroit the more it has somehow become a part of me, even from afar. I’ll leave it to people like D Blair who can explain it far better than I can.  Or perhaps Johnny Knoxville’s trip to detroit. And Lemonade Detroit.

I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life, and it took far too long for me to get to know this backbone of Michigan.

This was supposed to be a blog post about my favorite Super Bowl commercial.  But I guess it explains why it’s my favorite Super Bowl commercial.

I’m a sentimental guy and my friend Amanda reminds me how serious I can be.  So maybe it all goes without saying that the Chrysler “Imported From Detroit” was my favorite commercial.

The funny commercials were great, but they were just entertainment.  During the Super Bowl comedy is a dime a dozen.  It takes a lot more tenacity to run a commercial (not to mention a rare 2 minute spot) that’s serious, moving, and isn’t there to simply entertain.  Turns out Detroit is a city that knows a lot about Tenacity.

But I’m biased, I have a love affair with Detroit.  So I’ll let the ad speak for itself…

Imported From Detroit

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